Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Year Predictions

So here we are dear readers, a new decade starts but this time without all the bangs and whistles of the start of the last 10 years. For my first column of the new decade I thought I would provide you with my own musings on things that may or may not happen in the media 2010.

Let’s start with television and unfortunately this will not be the year that reality television dies. This is the year that will see the mother of reality shows finish in the UK as the last Big Brother will screen over the summer months. BB started out as a genuine genius of a programme idea. An experiment to see how strangers would cope living together for a long time in a confined environment. It is now just a way to get on the front cover of Nuts so will not be missed. However this year the celebrity talent show will continue unabridged.

The big question will be who replaces Jonathan Ross once he leaves the BBC in July. My predictions are for Mark Kermode for Film 2010 and watch this space to see if Chris Evans returns to TV for the chat show. Simon Cowell will continue his dominance having now agreed the deal to take X Factor to the US as both presenter and producer, thus moving him closer to becoming a modern day King Midas. The real story of this year however will be 3D television. Just as you thought you had got your heads around HD TV along comes 3D TV and having seen a set, trust me you will want one.

On the airwaves radio will continue to be dominated by the BBC. It will be interesting to see if whether Radio 1 actually gives Chris Moyles his cards as it is reminded of its remit as a youth music radio station not a speech station. On Radio 2 Chris Evans has allegedly been told he can loose up to a million Wogan diehards but what his audience will be will be the source of many columns in the Daily Mail.

So finally to newspapers. Last year was an annus horribilus for all sectors of the press both national and regional. However throughout last year there were some highs as well as the lows. Yes London lost its two main free evenings but now the Evening Standard is both free and still currently exactly the same quality as the old paid for no one is complaining. We also now have Russian oligarchs owning papers in the way they do Premiership football clubs. So don’t be surprised if Alexander Lebedev extends the Standard empire and buys the Independent.

I am sure that 2010 will bring many twists and turns for the world of media and as consumers you will have more choice and more say on what you choose to consume with the little spare time you have. Oh and lets not forget we have a general election to look forward to as well so I know how much you are all looking forward to all that political advertising. Happy New Year readers.

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